• Amanda Bauman - Lead Vocals

    Amanda Bauman - Lead Vocals

    Born and raised in Stoke on Trent, England, Amanda joined Fusion in March of 2014. A self proclaimed crazy cat lady, working in corporate America, living in the suburbs with her husband and son. A relatively new singer who discovered her love for performing by singing karaoke and sitting in with friends' bands. She is thrilled to be a part of the Fusion family and likes to let her crazy out by rocking your face off on the weekends.
  • Axel Brown - Guitar/Vocals

    Axel Brown - Guitar/Vocals

    Axel was born in Belfast , Northern Ireland, with a guitar in his hand, which is why he owes his mum a lot and the reason she lives across the street. Axel's love for music is only eclipsed by the size of his shoe collection.
  • Chuck Imperato - Guitar/Vocals

    Chuck Imperato - Guitar/Vocals

    Chuck joined Fusion back in 2012 after sitting in with the band for a solid year under the watchful eye of the band's former guitarist. He started playing guitar in 2008 after having been in Austin, TX for 3 years and seeing so many great musicians. When not banging on his guitar he's rabidly cheering on his beloved New York Giants or enjoying a few cold ones with his band mates.
  • Debbie Brown - Vocals

    Debbie Brown - Vocals

    Debbie was born in Belfast, the not so happy-go-lucky part of Ireland. She somehow fell into music and hasn't been able or willing to try to climb back out!
  • Eric Hauser - Bass

    Eric Hauser - Bass

    Sugar Mutton. That's all you need to know.
  • Tim Brandt - Drums

    Tim Brandt - Drums

    Tim Brandt joins Fusion as a long time supporting pseudo-member of the band. Tim brings an energy and excitement to truly bring the "rock" to Rock and Roll.